One single solution for your entire business process

Our comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is tailored to meet the unique needs of your business, enabling you to streamline your operations, enhance productivity, and drive sustainable growth.

With CompanyXP ERP, you can integrate and manage all your key business functions in one centralized platform. Whether it's finance, inventory, manufacturing, sales, or human resources, our solution provides a seamless and real-time flow of information across departments, eliminating data silos and ensuring everyone has access to accurate, up-to-date insights.


Management of your Offers, Orders and Invoices in an integrated way;
Printing or electronic sending of all documents
Management of document statuses and un-payed recall
Ready to use PEPPOL electronic billing

PEPPOL billing

Ready to use PEPPOL billing integration in conformity with European laws
No other preprocessing or any XML generation needed - just click-and-send over PEPPOL network
Or ready to use PEPPOL API billing for XML and document sending


Management of private and corporate clients;
Activity history;
Immediate visualization of outstanding payments


Management of your articles with properties and descriptions
Familiy and article categories
Automatic pricing and stock integration


Scheduling clients, meetings and various internal or external activities of the company
Client self programming agenda with direct visibility and resource management in the desk application
Reminder of appointments by automatic sending of SMS and/or Email


Real-time connection to suppliers for availability, price and ordering for managed distribution channels


Inventory management with client and supplier integration
Smart stock and pricing calculation
Historical records of minimum and maximum price history


Automatic stock and price management over merchandise reception with possibility of scanning and localization
Output management integrated with customer orders


Client projects administration with the possibility of managing online documents, photos and several project involved files
Agenda and billing integration


On-demand report generation and data export for different business and client oriented data

B2B & B2C web-shop

Ready to use Business and Client dedicated web-shops with integrated price-management based on distribution channels, articles and suppliers


Many more features and solutions to make managing your business easier. Don't have the functionality you want yet? We will build it!

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What our clients says about us?

For us is everything that we need and it really help us a lot. 3 times faster then before. Happy to have it.

Martine Bakes

Martine Bakes

Business Owner

It cleaned up all the process and I really cannot imagine again to work without it. Simply good

Mika Dragan

Mika Dragan

Garage Director

We have tried several applications but this one is really simple and complete!

Beno Da Silva

Beno Da Silva

Garage Owner

Simply good. Exactly what we need

Nuno Gonsalves

Nuno Gonsalves

Operation Officer

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CompanyXP is a software development company with extensive experience in creating software dedicated to different types of businesses such as retailers, construction and renovation companies, manufacturing and distributions, garages and car services, tire specialists and many others.

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Digital Transformation

Reshape your unique and avant-garde ideas by transforming your operations and technologies to create the most engaging digital experience


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